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USA Beauty Academy

USA Beauty Academy

Nail Technician Instructor

Instructor Training for Nail Professionals


Nail Technician Instructor – (250 Hours)

Becoming a Nail Technician Instructor may be the key to profit, fame, and success if you have the desire to teach. Many Nail Technician Instructors are seen working the booths at trade shows, providing classes to large groups, and are written about in magazines. If you are interested, our program will provide you with the necessary skills to become one. Applicants are required to hold a Nail Technology license for 1 year before being able to become a Nail Technician Instructor.


1. To instill the knowledge of basic classroom management techniques and conflict resolution
2. To engage in the creation of lesson plans and classroom curriculum specific to the goals of the program
3. To master various traditional and technological instruction delivery methods for evolving student needs.
4. To understand the importance of individual student success and learning in the classroom.
5. To promote mutual esteem, goodwill, harmony and cooperation with professional and related organizations.
6. To prepare for state board examination and a professional career as an instructor.